‘In the middle’ – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Everything looks like a failure in the middle. Everyone loves inspiring beginnings and happy endings; it is just the middles that involve hard work. (…)

That’s the point in the middle when true believers have doubts. (…) The more innovation, the more problems. Problems tempt people to give up, forget it, and chase the next enticing rainbow. But stop the effort too soon, and by definition it is a failure. Stay with it through its hurdles, make appropriate adjustments, and you could be on the way to success.

(…) There are always unexpected obstacles and hidden delays. Leaders must be prepared to secure additional resources, beg for additional time, or figure out creative ways to stretch scarce resources. (…) Investors and friends ask why it isn’t faster. Critics attack. Partisan bickering (partidistas ‘dimes y diretes’) makes it harder to find solutions, and the middles get even more miserable. (…)

Recognize the struggle of middles, give it some time, and a successful end could be in sight.

Those who master change persist and persevere. They have stamina. They are flexible. They expect obstacles on the road to success and celebrate each milestone. They keep arguing for what matters. And who knows what might happen? Persistence could keep innovations alive, convince companies to avoid draconian cuts, influence hiring managers to take a second look, or even persuade local politicians to save the city zoo”.

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What's the reason for this blog? Mainly, to show something different to the mainstream; an alternative view on current affairs able to challenge the 'status quo'. And also because, by sharing my thoughts, I feel freer. If I become, to some extent, influential through this activity, I just hope to help others to feel the same. Why not? Thus, don't expect to find here what you can read in the newspapers.
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