When dealing with people in the professional arena, be:

Specific (clear and concise)
Credible (sincere and honest)
Emotional (friendly, passionate, empathetic)

Above all, discover the power of sincerity. It is awesome. First, it humanizes you. Secondly, it forces you to do a good job (good things in general). Thirdly, it makes you honest with yourself so you can thrive on true basis. And forthly, it reduces your tension and stress.

About fernando de souza diaz pavon

What's the reason for this blog? Mainly, to show something different to the mainstream; an alternative view on current affairs able to challenge the 'status quo'. And also because, by sharing my thoughts, I feel freer. If I become, to some extent, influential through this activity, I just hope to help others to feel the same. Why not? Thus, don't expect to find here what you can read in the newspapers.
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1 Response to When dealing with people in the professional arena, be:

  1. alberto utrero says:

    It’s a good reflexion. I’m usually think about it. If we take a look around us in our current jobs it’s dificult find many times somebody who really care about you.Most of us think on our own.And then I wonder if that is why many projects doesn’t work at all?

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