Be ‘artist’ to become ‘charismatic’ and be both (a charismatic artist) if you are a ‘leader’


Because … charisma springs from our soul. When we feel very deeply what we do and it connects with others’ feelings and needs. That’s charisma. It has nothing to do with a specific personality or way of acting, but we try to emulate charismatic people by behaving in a certain way. As if there were an external way of being charismatic. No, that’s internal. It comes 100% from inside.

And because … we are artists when what we communicate is likewise informed by our soul,  and when, in doing so, we create a short of beauty that connects with others’ soul; with their deepest feelings and needs.

Thus, insofar every true artist should be charismatic, every person wishing to become charismatic should try to create any kind of true art.

But furthermore, what is extraordinary is to find people, charismatic or not, artist or not, ready and able to face a big deal of uncertainty, make sacrifices and take unusual risks for the sake of others. That is, to favor the interests of others along with and beyond their own, sole interest. People strongly identified and concerned with the common good in any social group and environment.

They are the leaders. Very consistent people ready to expose something ‘extra’ without clearly seeing the tangible benefit for them. Just generous and fully committed individuals trying to figure out how to make it easier for others to follow their vision. How to inspire them to make that vision happen. Maybe through their charm, maybe through their art, but both things considered by them as mere tools for their bigger purpose: the named common good

That is the reason there is no room for egotism (for their ego) in their devotion unlike many pseudo-artists and a lot of ordinary people only concerned about their play, their work or their supposed external ‘charisma’.

About fernando de souza diaz pavon

What's the reason for this blog? Mainly, to show something different to the mainstream; an alternative view on current affairs able to challenge the 'status quo'. And also because, by sharing my thoughts, I feel freer. If I become, to some extent, influential through this activity, I just hope to help others to feel the same. Why not? Thus, don't expect to find here what you can read in the newspapers.
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