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fernando de souza diaz-pavon

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… because exploring also means to see ordinary things in a different way.

What’s the reason for this blog (its cause) ? To start, I consider myself very entrepreneurial in my thinking. In some areas, maybe visionary. That is the reason I am here: to show something different to the mainstream, an alternative view on current affairs able to challenge the ‘status quo’. And also because, by sharing my thoughts, I feel freer. If I become, to some extent, influential through this activity, I just hope to help others to feel the same. Why not? Thus, don’t expect to find here what you can read in the newspapers.

To give you a brief idea about me, here you have some information you may consider relevant:

Born in Barcelona, 1972. I grew up in La Coruña, Galicia (Spain). Degree in Law. Member of the Lawyer Office of La Coruña from 1996 to 2006. Post-graduate Program in General Management by the European University of Madrid and Master MSc in Business Development and Innovation by the University of Ulster. Entrepreneurship Program at Babson College – Boston (US). Chief of Expansion in Lidl Supermarkets from 2005 to 2014. Currently, I am an entrepreneur by conviction, and I also write on economy, management, sociology, politics; overall human processes. I enjoy horse-riding and live in Madrid alongside my lovely and cute two sons.

My small piece of advice:

Change a salary for an influential position; an employer for a partner and a mentor; an employment for a suitable platform for learning by doing. And then …, seek the way to spread your genius, to make your talent flourish! Just by aiming a worthy personal goal.

In other words, discover yourself to make an impact.

Build your own history. Be a history. Be a myth’ — from Kumare (a documentary about a fake guru). Take all the initiative in front of others to be the only main actor in your vital film. So, hold the camara and create your own stage.

Be open, be respectful, be kind, but like a little child or like a cat, make the scene always yours. Be the ‘filmmaker’. Be the host.

Thanks for reading me and don’t hesitate to make any comment, either here, on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or on any other online platform. And meet me if you want.

2 Responses to About me

  1. PABLO SANZ says:

    Hola Fernando.
    Soy Pablo Sanz, el amigo de Edu al que me has “dado una vuelta” al C.V., lo que te agradezco sobremanera.
    Excelente Blog, cuenta con un “avido lector” más.
    Se lo paso también a mi mujer pues a buen seguro le va a encantar.
    Un fuerte abrazo y “sigue, no pares”.
    Pablo Sanz

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